YENTL CleansingMilk

YENTL CleansingMilk

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Cleansing Milk 125 ml

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YENTL CleansingMilk is enriched with 100% pure organic certified Argan oil, and is rich in natural antioxidants, essential fatty acids and vitamins. The Yentl CleansingMilk removes dead skin cells, hereby smoothening and softening the skin. The cleansing is based on a combination of olive oil and oats. The composition of YENTL CleansingMilk is developed taking in regard the most innovative scientific methods and has an anti-inflammatory and a moisture regulating effect. YENTL CleansingMilk is mild like water and during the day it replenishes the moistures that the skin loses. YENTL CleansingMilk gives a daily refreshingcleansing and gives the skin a silky smooth and flexible feel as well as beautiful natural look