NUORI – Sun Repair Serum


This lightweight hydrating serum is the ideal solution for sun-exposed skin. The formula immediately calms and deeply rehydrates skin, while working on both emerging and existing visible signs of photo-damage.

30 ml

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/  Restores skin’s moisture levels instantly and ensures long-lasting moisture retention.

/  Offers anti-inflammatory and skin soothing benefits and reduces signs of photo-damage for an overall improved skin appearance.

/  Damaging free radicals caused by sun exposure are neutralized, and melanin production is inhibited for a more even skin tone and texture.



Natural hyaluronic acid and carbohydrate complex
/  Ensure immediate, deep hydration and long-lasting moisture retention due to their water-binding properties.

Plant-based, bio-fermented sorbitol complex, and chamomile flower
/  The calming and anti-irritant properties of these ingredients soothe the skin and reduce inflammatory responses as well as signs of photo-damage.

Liquorice root extract and vitamins C and E
/  With potent doses of antioxidants, these ingredients neutralize damaging free radicals appearing from sun exposure.



Immediately after sun exposure: cleanse skin gently with tepid water and apply 2-3 pumps of serum to face, neck and décolleté.

Daily: use as a hydrating serum on cleansed skin, under moisturizer.

For extra cooling effect, store serum in fridge prior to application.