Carthusia Orange Blossom Liquid Soap




Orange Blossom, orange as the smell of summer that makes our heart beat faster.

In Capri, between April and May, the Zagara blooms. Soft as snow, its flowers give a white coating to all the island’s gardens, heralding a clear and candid season.

The feelings it gives, though, are the warm ones of romantic encounters under the sun and the stars, of the blue reflections of the sea in the caves and the scent of barbecues and limoncello, whilst in the background, coming from a villa in the distance, echoes the melody of “Luna Caprese”. The joy of living amongst nature reverberates all over the island, mingling with Carthusia’s creativity, which has always transformed the marvels of Capri’s wildflowers and plants into magical sensations.

The fresh and pleasant note of Zagara is enclosed in the Liquid Soap, rich in soft foam for the gentle cleaning of your hand and body.