Founded by two friends; Lisa and Kerry, Amly came to be when the pair discovered a unique silver rich water source 100 metres beneath a wild-flower meadow on Lisa’s organic farm in Sussex. With backgrounds in holistic health, art and organic living, their dream of creating something together finally fell into place with this incredible water source and Amly was born. Named after the wild-flower meadow, Amly Botanicals brings us unique, nutrient rich face mists inspired by the Sussex countryside and plants that thrive there.

This unique facial water is an intensely revitalising and illuminating face mist. The silver-rich spring water, known for its clarifying and healing properties, is infused with organic flowers, hedgerow fruit, native herbs and exquisite essential oils of Neroli, Jasmine, Rose Otto, Chamomile, and more. The restorative mist boasts highly concentrated, moisture-boosting Hyaluronic Acid and scientifically proven, skin-perfecting Copper Peptides. Designed to hydrate and replenish your skin and subtly enhance your mood. Its uplifting scent is reminiscent of a country walk through the changing seasons.