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The importance of good skin care is now evident to everybody. Even for men, using a facial cream is considered a standard activity in their daily routine. However, skin care products are not always made with ingredients on a natural and biological basis, so chemicals or synthetic elements in the products may cause damage to the skin or they can dry it out.

Because Real Skin Care has the best care of your skin as our top priority, we only include the best products in our web shop. But we go further than just a good moisturizing day cream. During the night, your body and mind does not recover only from the last day, and your skin will recover after all exposure to sunlight, exhaust fumes and possibly air conditioning in your office building. To support this recovery, we have beautiful night creams and serums to make the skin feel refreshed and cleansed in the morning.

A caring mask gives your skin an extra boost! Apply it to a cleansed skin and let the natural substances and minerals nurture your skin. After rinsing the mask, your skin radiates and feels silky smooth. Finish the treatment with a nice facial cream and you will feel reborn.

Not only your face gets exposed to the elements, especially your hands have a lot to endure. Frequently washing with soap and working in an air-conditioned environment make your hands feel dehydrated and course. By using Formulary 55 products you will help prevent dehydration by continuous hydration. The hand cream doesn’t make your hands greasy so you are ready to work again instantly!

Amly Silver Rich Facial Mist deserves separate attention, as it stimulates, hydrates and boosts your skin. This silver-rich water is soaked with highly concentrated flowers, herbal extracts and pure essential oils. In addition, it increases the production of collagen.
This is due to the ingredients;

+ Silver – A powerful antioxidant. It controls the skin flora because of its antimicrobial properties and promotes tissue regeneration.
+ Copper Peptides – It has been scientifically proven to protect against cellular DNA damage and stimulates the production of collagen.

Why is facial fog is so important? Did you know that fine lines in your face are the first sign of dehydration? You often see these lines under your eyes or on your forehead. When you drink more water and use a better hydrating cream your face, these fine lines will fade away. And the facial fog supports this recovery.